Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just One Day

As I was preparing to leave for our trip, came upon a couple things that you might enjoy. The first is a selection from a poem. My mom and nine of her high school friends (the (in)famous “Club”) came to New York City last year to celebrate their sixtieth birthdays. While they were in town we had mass together, and one of them shared this.

While Yet There Is Time

The hours slip past;
Our moments melt
into the eternity behind us;
Time sweeps us on
to a destination
from which there is no return….
While yet there is time
look out upon the world,
devour it with your eyes,
and if your spirit demands more,
add at least one stone
to the edifice being built.
Fill your lungs with the smell of flowers;
let the first cool breath of dawn
blow through your hair.
While yet there is time
let us greet the dawn together;
while yet there is time
love, and be loved;
let our thoughts
throw light in dark places;
let your lips
blossom in a smile.

By Rasul Rza

The other is a YouTube Video. It’s a commercial, actually, that played down here before a movie we saw. (Yes, they play commercials before movies down here, too. Cars, cell phones, movie tickets. Somehow the ads don’t seem quite so extreme as the U.S. ads, though. A bit less of howling music while kids jump off cliffs on snowboards and music videos advertise for branches of the military.)

Anyway, when I was a novice our novice director continually reminded us of the need to "savor" our experiences, and that's a big part of this whole tertianship experience, too. I think this ad, which is about a may fly, really captures that.