Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here We Go

We're off to retreat. I'm leaving you with our photo and names so you can pray for us. (And if you click on the photo, it will get much bigger. Perfect for a screen saver! :) )

And below you'll find the blog entries I mentioned for each of the four weeks of the Exercises. Each has a bunch of songs, usually one per day. We start the 13th of March. Feel free to join us in this way (or any other).

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Back Row: Chun Ng (Malaysia/Singapore region); Adrian Lyons (Tertian Director); Radek Robak (Poland); Ansgar Wiedenhaus (Germany); Mars Tan (Philippines); Woo-Bae Sohn (South Korea); Rytis Gurksnys (Lithuania).

Front row: Michael Gilson (California); Dennis Recio (California); Joseph Sobb (Assistant Tertian Director); Raymond Manyanga (Tanzania); Rudi Hartoko (Indonesia); Me.