Friday, June 6, 2014

Fumbling in the Dark

My province's vocation director recently asked me to write a piece about how I came to be doing what I'm doing. If you're at all interested in how a guy with an SJ after his name ends up sitting at a desk writing all day (best job in the world!) -- you might find this entertaining.

(Also -- that shot is courtesy of Tatyana Borodina, who is an amazing photographer and a great person. Find her work here.)


Shelly said...

Fr. Jim, you and I disagree on many topics, but when I came back to the practice of my faith nearly 5 years ago your blog was one of the first things that I found. What you wrote then was just what I needed to read - and I have continued to read when you post because I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. I was grinning like a fool by the end of the article! You expressed exactly how I often feel, and are able to get into the depths and yet remain light-hearted. Thanks for the link!

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