Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gone Walkabout

"Gone walkabout": a  slang term for something that seems to have disappeared, either temporarily or permanently.  Derived from an aboriginal custom of the same name in which, as a rite of passage, young aborigines leave everything behind and spend six months wandering in the wilderness. 

For the next 8 months, I have the great luck of being able to travel to Australia to do my tertianship, the last stage of a Jesuit's formation. It's traditionally called the "schola affectus", the "school of the heart", and it's a time in which Jesuits "redo" some of the things we did when we first entered the Society of Jesus, like the 30-day silent retreat or study of the history and documents of the Society.  For me, living abroad for the first time, it's a great adventure as well as a great opportunity to look back and appreciate the ways in which God has graced my life. 

While I'm away, I thought I might post some pictures and stories for family and friends and those who happen upon this website.  Enjoy them.  


Jenny said...

Jim, Mom gave me our pic yesterday. I have it hanging in our dining room. Looks amazing against the goldish yellow walls!!! Thanks again for this!

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