Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Li Jiang River Tour

I wanted to post some pictures from the tour I took yesterday along the Li Jiang (the Li River). We had an overcast day, but man, the view was spectacular.

If you look closely, you see in the distance a round hill. Our tour guide informed us, this is known as the Big Apple. "Not THE Big Apple," he went on, but the Big Apple.

(On another occasion he pointed out a small, ramshackle town on the side of the river. "According to Chinese custom, this village has the perfect feng shui," he told us, "because it has mountains behind it and a river in front of it." He went on: "Unfortunately, this village is also very poor.")

The tour went down the river from one small town to another; this shot is from the turn around point. Something about those hills really grabbed me.

In the foreground you can see the tiny figure of a person in a red shirt. We went by him near the end of our trip. I was struck by the size of him in comparison to the hills around us. This one might show it better:

And then, finally, here I am near the end of the trip.

It really was spectacular.