Saturday, January 12, 2008

P.S. An Ode to Toilette

Speaking of leaping... yesterday I left Xi'an (say it with me now: Shee-ON) for Guilin, which is this beautiful town surrounded by mountains. I'm hoping to climb one today and to take a river cruise tomorrow.

ANYWAY, I was at the Xi'An airport quite a while yesterday, and eventually I decided, what the heck, I'm going to try those toilets again!

Funny thing is, when I get in there, there's an attendant who immediately points me to the stall on the end. It's a handicapped stall, and consequently it has our own traditional arrangement, with the standing unit.

But I say, heck no! Though he keeps pointing me that way, I turn around, grab some toilet paper (which hangs from dispenser units on either side of the room -- don't ask me why they don't just have toilet paper in each stall, I have no idea but I'm sure there's a reason), step into one of the hole-stalls, and get down to business.

About three minutes later, down from the stall door flutters a stream of additional toilet paper. I guess the attendant was worried for me.

It's like I said, you just got keep putting yourself out there (in this case, literally) and good things happen.

Off to see Guilin.