Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Save these Dates -- Revised!

I'm off to Xi'an tomorrow in the West of China. Xi actually means "West", and Xi'an is the "Western Capitol" of China. BeiJing literally means North Capitol; Nanking is the South Capitol. Can you guess the Eastern Capitol?

So, in case I can't post tomorrow, well, I thought I'd leave you with a couple more little tidbits. First, something I hope to do somewhat regularly while I'm away: birthdays. Yesterday, January 7th was Timothy "T.Money Homeslice" Moran's birthday. He turned 30 something -- leave it alone. Tim is a teacher and coach in Chicagoland. In college he taught me how to shoot a basketball -- no joke. (Of course, only I could teach me how to fly.) Anyway, I've posted a recent photo of Tim right. (People say he looks like somebody famous.)

Timbo -- happy birthday!

January 7th was also the birthday of Jennifer Ecklund, youngest child of Joe and Liz Ecklund. Jen and her family have just moved to Omaha, where her dad just took a job at Creighton. I'm not sure if her sisters know the traditions of Omaha as of yet; it is actually good luck to give a hard pinch to the birthday girl one time for each year of her life. Laura, Kellie, get to it!

January also sees my cousins Tony and Mike (no relation to my cousin Vinny) celebrating birthdays; Wisconsin Province Jesuit greats Paul Prucha (Jan 4th), Luis Rodriguez (Jan 12th), Greg Lucey (January 21) and Tom Caldwell (January 24); Cal Jesuit Boom Martinez; young persons Kyle Kraninger (January 23) and Ryan Anselment (January 27th) -- today, you don't have to listen to what your parents say!; and New York Jesuits Vinny Sullivan and Mike Guzik on the 11th. Ciszek scholastics are encouraged to rock the house. Matt Malone, associate editor on the staff at America, put another notch on the belt January 2nd; though the date has passed, it's still appropriate to send him gifts); Maryland Jesuit Dan Joyce will do the same on the 27th, and Ramon Calzada (left) does the birthday dance on the 23rd. Ramon, all your former classmates will be doing a cartwheel for you.

The list goes on and on, and undoubtedly I am forgetting people. Nellie D out on that long scary dark road past OCS in South Dakota will try to use birthday candles to light the way home on the 30th -- get some light out there, Danielle! Old man Pat Souders will probably need two cakes for all his candles on the 20th -- ouch. And at the other end, little Anna Karolina Shashaty will have her very first birthday this month on the 18th. Her good friend Isaiah Pinto did the very same just a month ago. Shout outs to them and their families at these very special moments.

Two other birthdays I want to mention: First, Vinny O'Keefe! Vinny O'Keefe, Jesuit saint and comedian, turns the page on another year on January 10th. Vinny is one of the most prominent and distinguished Jesuits in the United States. He's also beloved by all that know him. Jesuits, Friday give that man a call and tell him a joke! (Here's mine: I understand it's hard to get ivory in Africa; in Alabama, however, the Tuscaloosa. )

Don't like it? Well, remember what they say: A pun is its own reword.

Take that.

Lastly, my brother Scott! Scott McDermott, teacher at Glenbrook South, coach of the 2 time state champ forensic teams and father of three (or is it four?) budding Dance Dance Revolution addicts, actually turned 37 just this last week. I suspect he has not yet had time to really celebrate the occasion; just want to say, I love you Scott. Go see a play on mom and dad's dime.

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Rusty said...

Okay, I am REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY impressed with this!!!! I am also impressed with your adventures....nothing like reading that your son is sauntering around no trespassing roads in a foreign country...yeah. But, as we all know, you have God as your co-pilot, Jim.