Monday, February 11, 2008

Buddhists in Training

I don't think I mentioned it when we left for Gerroa, but on the way down there we stopped at Nan Tien Temple (literally, Southern Heaven Temple), which is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern hemisphere. If you compare the shot above with some of the pictures I posted from China, it probably doesn't seem that different. You have the same structure, same brilliant red roof, complete with the little figures on every corner.

And inside, wondrous Buddhas whose placid smiles draw you in, call you to gratitude and quiet contemplation.

What's really great about Nan Tien, though, was the mini-buddha statues to be found all around the campus, each in a different pose. For instance, there's touch your toes baby buddha (right).

There's mini-buddha builds a snowman (left).

This one's my favorite.

And this one pretty much scared us all. It's creepy axe wielding buddha (left).

Look at those eyes.
I don't care how peaceful the Buddha is supposed to be. That guy's a house of rage.

Anyway, moved by the Spirit (as good tertians should be), a number of us felt invited to join in...

Baby Buddha leads Chun in the Beauty Pageant wave.

Dennis and Buddha stretch to the right.

Rudi pledges allegiance to the Buddha.

Ansgar does the lean.

And I accompany the "Someone call a doctor, I threw my back out" buddha.

All in all, an afternoon well spent!