Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun for the Whole Family

An Aboriginal-Style Painting at St. Ignatius School
Bourke, New South Wales

Looking for a quick laugh? My friend the doctor, Michael Shashaty (Grey's Anatomy equivalent: Cassie), former Red Cloud volunteer and Olympic medalist in Sleeping (you think I’m kidding), and some of his other doctor friends recently put together this funny mock advertisement about unnecessary medical procedures. The more you know about medicine, the funnier it is. (Mike’s the first guy you see.)

If you’re growing a little tired of hearing Justin Timberlake breathing heavily about Madonna on the radio (I can't get the song out of my head, and I've only heard it twice) and want something with a little more substance, you might check out The Ignatian Schola. The Schola is a New York based singing group, including my friends Chris Derby and Jim Coughlin, who do some great sacred music. I had the chance to see this concert last spring and really recommend it.

For the photo fanatics in the bunch (Dad), my buddy Trip O’Dell, another Red Cloud alum (ee!), sent out an email not too long ago about Adobe Photoshop Express, an all-new online photo editing, storage and sharing service that he helped design, based on the industry standard in photo editing, Photoshop. Great thing about the program: it’s free. As compared to Photshop, which will run you $650. Check it out!

My parents left this evening on a cruise of Europe in honor of their upcoming 40th anniversary as mixed doubles partners at Wimbledon. (The term "Grand Slam" actually comes originally from the unbelieveable backhand my mother and father both wielded in their years on the tour.) They will be traveling along with my aunt Denny on her first trip overseas and my cousins Helen and Pete from England.

Citizens of Europe, you have been warned.

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