Monday, May 19, 2008

My Favorite Cobarian

Norman Ferson, born 1800, died 1909. He was a Canadian, originally, tall and strong, shipwrecked off the northern coast of Australia. He lived among Aboriginal people for 17 years.

Norman Felson loved books. Maybe too much: upon finding a book that he had lent to someone put up for sale, he went to the man’s place of work. As the terrified “thief” took off running, Norman hit him on the head with the spoke of a wheel. The man died six months later from complications associated with the injury. Though Norman said he “just gave him a tap on the napper,” he was given three years jail sentence.

At the time, he was 103 years old.

He died six years later at age 109, after breaking his hip when he tripped while carrying a 38 kg case of pickles.

One of a kind.

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