Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jen Pontow, Meet Catherine Tate

One of the great things about being on strike is you have time to eat bad food, watch TV and surf the web. Today I have a hard time climbing stairs and am dazzled by the brilliant purple shades of my new vericose veins, but boy have I found some hysterical new online material, including especially the wonderful Catherine Tate, a comedianne from Great Britian, who has some incredibly funny characters. Check some of this out.

Catherine Tate plays a Translator

"Angie Barker, Working Mother"

Lauren Talking With Friends
French Class
The Periodic Table
At the Burger Bar
Lauren with Tony Blair
Lauren with the Queen

In that last set of skits Tate plays a nasty adolescent girl called Lauren, who combines fearless attitude with amazing slang. Her repeated phrase, "Am I bovvered?" (i.e Do I care?) became such a huge hit in Britian that the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary named "bovvered" the Word of the Year.

August 1st was the birthday of my sister, Jen Pontow. And every time I've watched these skits, I've thought of how funny she would find them. So, Jen, I post all these especially for you. I love you! Happy Birthday!