Wednesday, August 6, 2008

London Bridge

Another shot from the Great Ocean Road: the London Bridge. Yeah, that's right -- it fell down. (Question: why does the first verse of that song end with "my fair lady?" You know?)

So, the collapse: January 1990, at sunset, while two people were on the far side, the middle collapsed. That limestone really can be unpredictable. (Note to self: say no to limestone houses.) Somehow, word was gotten to authorities, and the two were heli'd to safety. (One of the great things about the Great Ocean Road, I guess -- tourists.) Now you can see but not touch.

And this little nook not far from the Bridge and the Apostles is called "the Grotto". Fancy that. From above it doesn't seem like there's much here to see at all. And I had just one day to drive along the road -- it really needs 3, I'd say, and a partner -- so I was pretty pressed for time. But once I got down into this quiet little spot, I had to drag myself out away. Serene.


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