Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Won

Sorry I haven't been writing much the last couple weeks. The bloggers union called for a strike over memory space, so I've been out on the lines. "What do we want? A TETRABYTE. When do we want it? NOW." I'll tell you, it gave me a real taste of what it must have been to like to be part of the civil rights movement. Anyway, we compromised at 500 Gigs with the corporate skeeves who run the web, so now I'm back at it.

Since last we spoke, I've returned to Sydney, where I and my companions will spend the last three weeks of our tertianship. We're sharing stories and doing a few final seminars this week, before having one last 5 day retreat next week (or as they say here, week next).

Before I left Melbourne, I spent a day driving along the ocean on what is known as the Great Ocean Road. The views of the land and the ocean are really spectacular. I'll be posting some photos in the next few days. Here's a great one to start:

One of the most famous spots on the Great Ocean Road is this one, called "The Twelve Apostles." The name comes from the fact that there are these 12 sandstone formations that loom up out of the ocean near the shore. The look of the stone changes greatly with the light. So here the stones are later in the day:

These formations were all originally part of the cliff behind them. Over centuries the cliffs receded from the combination of the ocean waves and rain eroding them. But while everything fell around them, these enormous pieces remained standing.

You'll note that in neither picture can you see 12 apostles. A couple are to be found behind me as I'm taking these pictures. And a couple others have collapsed. You can see the rubble in fact in that second shot from 2 or 3.

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