Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny Story

About ten days after I left Australia on August 23rd, I arrived at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Community in Los Gatos, California. It’s the retirement community of the California Province, with a total population of about 80 guys living in a four-story building built decades ago as a novitiate and a winery (a combination which I think should take place at every Jesuit house of formation, or even just every Jesuit house. We likeses our wineses.).

Now, you might ask, what happened in the ten days before you arrived at Los Gatos. Well, a lot, but ask me later.

Here's Sacred Heart at Christmas time.

For now, the funny story. I’m staying at Los Gatos, visiting my buddy John Privett, who is the superior of the community there. And as soon as I get there he’s talking about this great little Mexican place we’ve got to go to that night. Sounds great to me. Every Jesuit has his own gifts, and one of John’s is the under the radar restaurant. No matter where he goes, he finds those hole in the wall restaurants that you and I walk by without even noticing, and he makes them his own.

So before dinner we have drinks with some of the guys from the community. And one of them asks, Where’s he taking you? Oh God, not to that godforsaken Mexican place, I hope? He just likes that place because it’s cheap! What’s a meal cost, $3.50? Suddenly the whole crew is laughing and chiming in about John’s frugality. Left the poor man speechless, in fact, which if you know John, is darn near impossible to do.

Now personally, while I’m not a fan of diners (other than for breakfast), I do like hole in the wall restaurants, and I loveses me Mexican foodes. If 7-11 sold Strawberry Margarita slurpees, I’d be in real trouble. So, I told the guys, I’ll go check it out and report back.

A couple weeks later, I’ve gotten my photos together, and I’m happy to dismiss John’s community’s concerns is completely unwarranted.

The Mexican restaurant actually allowed us to choose our own piece of meat:

The white rice came with a protein boost:

And there were fantastic raffle prizes. I won this free pet!

He seemed quite content when I left him at Sacred Heart.

Actually, who am I kidding, the restaurant was great. We had fantastic food and service, and I must say I had great company.

Muchas Gracias, Juan! And there you go, Sacred Hearters. Let the superior take you out so you can see for yourself!

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