Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Two weeks and one day to the election....

In other news:

As of yesterday, there's a new Catholic news website available. It's called CathNewsUSA. CathNews gathers stories on Catholic issues in the U.S. from both Catholic sources such as Catholic News Service and Catholic News Agency, and secular sources such as Newsweek, USA Today and Foreign Policy. If you're into Catholic news, it's a great resource, and one that's not already present in the US. The idea comes from Fr. Michael Kelly, an Australian Jesuit who began a similar service for the church in Australia, where it's been very successful.

Today's stories include the statement by the archbishop of St. Louis that voters will have to account for their vote on Judgment Day; alternate dismissals being prepared for the end of Mass; Bishop Wenski's efforts toward a more humane immigration policy, and more.

Just a little Catholic heads-up.

Did I mention it's two weeks and one day to the election ?

And did you all see Sarah Palin Saturday night? If not, check them out here and here.

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