Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perfect for the Christmas Stocking (or Boot)

Since coming to LA, I found out that Loyola Productions, besides making movies, is selling wine made by the Jesuits of Australia. You might remember me blogging about Sevenhill, a vineyard where I did my retreat. It's the mother house of the Australian province, and the vineyard is the last remaining winery run by the Jesuits anywhere in the world. (Travesty!)

Anyway, Sevenhill has just begun to sell some of its wines in the States, under the Ignatius Cellars label. And I have to say, the wine is darn good; trust me, after 7 months of it, including during 30 days of silence, I know from.

A great Christmas gift! Who doesn't like a nice bottle of wine? Come on, Check it out!

PS Cool trivia. The winery is not called Sevenhill because it's surrounded by seven hills. Nope. It's because the terrain reminded the first Jesuits who went there of Rome, which is on seven hills. The terrain really is marvelous -- rolling hills of vineyards. Like Tuscany.

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