Monday, January 12, 2009

Advice for Obama

So, I did a video last week for America in which I asked people to tell me what advice they'd give Barack Obama. And from it came two versions -- an official one, and a rezdog remix which includes a bunch of people I couldn't put in the original. There's some New Yorkers, and then some of my family -- star turns from nephews and nieces and also my parents and brother-in-law. And then in the remix, lots of friends from Red Cloud.

Today -- the original. Friday -- get ready to remix.


jm said...

Nice work, Jim. And, your nieces and nephews are so cool -- lucky you! -- Jill

erdavis said...

Ah, how I've missed those Jim McDermott videos! This is a great one - your nieces and nephews are precious. And smart! They give our President-elect great advice. Yes, we can!

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Yes we can!

Jill, check back tomorrow for the rez remix, featuring people asking for Obama to do their insulation!