Monday, January 5, 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Year Two

So, this is pretty much the one year anniversary of my blog. One year ago, just before I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world, I went onto and put together this little website of reflections and photographs for friends and family as I traveled abroad. Feels like it passed in an instant.

The thing is – and this maybe is the secret of a good journey – it never really felt like the trip ended. Yes, I’m back in New York now, at my old job, sitting in my old office, right now working on an old article that I actually started before I left – a very odd feeling. But there’s a way in which everything seems sort of new and unexpected.

The fact that the last four months have left us all reaching for dictionaries (and pocketbooks) has made life maybe a bit more foreign for all of us. Wasn’t a derivative one of those cool math problems you did in calculus with the artsy squiggle at the beginning and numbers or the symbol for Infinity automobiles on the bottom? And since when do the terms financial and instrument belong next to each other? It’s news to me.

So, for now, anyway, I’m going to try to keep writing little pieces about what I'm finding on this crazy old journey of life, even if it is taking place somewhere a little more familiar than Sydney or Beijing. Enjoy the ride.

Next up: Walking.

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