Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No (Gifted) Student Left Behind

Yesterday the New York Times did a piece on No Child Left Behind. There's a move afoot to "rebrand" the program (how about dumping and starting over?), and a website has been set up where people can suggest new names for the program.

Well, there are some spectacular names. A few good ones:

The No Child Gets Ahead Act.

The Act to Help Children Read Gooder.

No Child Left Untested.

The Double Back Around to Pick Up the Children We Left Behind Act.

And my personal favorite, from a guy named Joe Williams:
It should be named Caitlin. Everyone seems to be naming things Caitlin these days. Or Caleb.

If you need to vent your spleen, give it a whirl.

PS Someone offered this one seriously: BLESSED -- The Building Learning Environments, School by School, Education Act. It's nice isn't it? If we could get the proper programs to go with it, I'd vote for it!

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