Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour Times Square: You're So Lame

So I did Earth Hour last Saturday. Actually, I turned off a whole bunch of lights here, then rushed down to Times Square to see all the lights go off.

A lot of people had the same idea; there were tons in Times Square, counting it down, cameras ready.

Here's what happened all over the world: (For each photo, click on the photo to see the lights go out -- very cool.)

Here's what we saw in Times Square:



On the side streets, the Broadway theaters went dark. Because they have souls. But corporate America -- which you would think could use any excuse possible to save a little money and show a little good will -- well, not so much.

And to them, I say:

Stupid Earth Hour Facts: Edward Norton was the official ambassador of Earth Hour 2009. And the BBC reported that Cate Blanchett and Desmond Tutu had "promised support" for the event. They also agreed to sing an intercontinental satellite duet of "I Got You, Babe" in the dark.

I hope you turned off your lights, that's all I can say.

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