Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick: The Real Story

3 Things You Might Not Know About St. Patrick

1. Not Irish -- Patrick was actually a Welshman who was abducted as a child by Irish brigands. Actually escaped, had a conversion experience, and decided to go back to Ireland to convert the Irish.

2. Did not Banish the Snakes -- There were no snakes in Ireland post-Ice Age. Perhaps it is a metaphor?

3. Has never been formally canonized as a saint. (In the first 1000 years of Christianity, these matters were decided locally. So, no Pope has ever declared Patrick a Saint.)

3 Rumors I'm Starting

1. Swam the English Channel.

2. Only 3' tall and always asking after "the whereabouts of the gold."

3. Hated Waterford crystal.


Ken said...

Rumor number 4: Took great umbrage when people went after his "Lucky Charms."

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

I was totally looking for a Lucky Charms gag. Nice.