Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Important Information for Today about the Computer Virus [UPDATE]

Hey, a good friend of mine who works in the computer industry advises me that today you should avoid checking your email, Twitter or Facebook entirely, as that is a platform that this virus that people are concerned about is going to spread and begin to cause some serious trouble. I guess some of the email companies and Facebook have been suppressing the information out of commercial concerns, and have been able to convince government officials that any sort of warning is needless. But my friend, who works with viruses and computer security and is very familiar with the Conficker virus as well as the Wallam bug and Zoinks, says this is a huge mistake. People who spend any time on social networking software or on email will find their hard drives slowly wiped and any personal information stored either on the networking site or on their hard drive stolen. People on the other side of the international date line are already complaining about bank accounts being wiped clean, credit cards having lots of charges, and even houses where people have posted that they're on vacation or away being broken into. Bottom line, this thing is very serious.

When I spoke to my friend today he actually said, if you can avoid being on your computer today, it would actually be the best thing you could do. The virus is going to sweep through things really fast, and by tomorrow (Thursday) everything is going to be safe as houses.

Just wanted to pass that along. Be safe.

[UPDATE, 11pm 4/1]: APRIL FOOL'S!

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