Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not To Be Read While Eating

So, in researching the whole "technicolor load" phenomenon, I came across two other tidbits.

First, have you ever wondered why animals sometimes eat their own feces? It turns out, it's not because they're too stupid to know better. Rather, doing so has certain health benefits. Rabbits and certain other animals are actually unable to completely digest their food the first time around (so to speak). They need to "double dip" in order to get all the nutrients. It's like cows chewing cud... just nastier.

Other animals, such as dogs, eat poop because it has vitamins and protein in it. In fact, if you've ever seen your dog chewing on your cat's poop, this is because cat poop is actually very high in protein.

Tastes like chicken.  

And speaking of eating feces (how's that for a transition?), second, pretty much all of us do. Not like a sandwich, I mean, but in very small amounts, usually in our sleep. Most human beings have pinworms, which are tiny little creatures that live in your intestines, largely minding their own business, and emerging only to lay eggs right on the outskirts of the anus. 

(Like I said, this is not a blog entry to be reading over sloppy joes.)  

Their egg laying makes us itch, and that's intentional -- momma pinworm wants us to scratch the area, thereby scooping up some of her microscopic eggs under our fingernails. And then, the next time those fingers come to our mouths -- which often enough happens while we continue to sleep -- those eggs end up on their way down our digestive track, where they need to be to hatch and continue the species. (It's like an ant farm in your intestines.)

If you want to know for sure whether you have pinworms, there is a test you can do, but you'll have to Google it yourself. Even I have my limits.

Hi! I live in your colon!

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Rusty said...

Ok, I could write a book about pinworms....because all four of you had them....grossest thing I have ever seen.....still makes me can we change the subject???

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Mom, we all have them. Enjoy.