Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Stand Corrected (Already)

Since writing yesterday, I've heard the following things in passing: As a form of protecting a number of local trees (not rare trees, mind you, just trees of the area) which were going to be cut down, a number of Berkeley residents, including students, lived in those trees for over two years.  

A recent PhD candidate at a nearby school entitled their dissertation, "The Tyranny of the Nuclear Family".

And, a major fault line runs right through the part of Berkeley through which I live. (The whistle on my house key chain, I am told, is to allow me to indicate my position if I am trapped in a building that has collapsed.) As a cherry on top, nuclear material is being handled regularly in the hills directly above us.  (Think "The Simpsons".)

Point being, maybe this isn't quite so like the worlds I've come from after all...

I also discovered yesterday that Berkeley has another nickname: the "Athens of the West", in honor of the cultural and artistic achievements of Cal-Berkeley.   This put me in mind of Omaha, which I've also heard called the Athens of the West by its natives, as well as the more florid "Diamond Stickpin in the Bosom of the Midwest". We Midwesterners, we do have a way with words. 

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Annie said...

Well, Berkeley does have the Greek Theater, so Athens of the West?

Another thing to keep in mind is that EVERY SINGLE hospital in the entire East Bay lies on the Hayward fault line. All of them. So if Hayward trips baby, the whistle doesn't do you much good. I used to work down at Fairmont Hospital (San Leandro)in rehab (Physical Therapy, not drug rehab)which is a county facility. I didn't spend too much time in Berkeley because when I did I would run into former patients and sometimes it was a problem.

Having said all that, I miss living in San Francisco. Sigh.