Sunday, October 4, 2009

For Every Season

I'm back from a couple months away. Had a great trip to China -- hope to share it in the coming months. Been thinking about the blog. There may be some changes ahead. We shall see.

But today, I write inspired by my godson Jimmy. Jimmy is 10 years old, in fifth grade at the same school that his dad and aunts and I went to. And on Friday he was elected the President of his student council. I know, awesome, right?

And as I sat with that over the weekend, what struck me was, there comes a point when your children (or relatives) become mysteries to you. That is to say, they have desires and dreams that are entirely their own. You didn't put them there, you couldn't have achieved them, you might not even understand them.

It's a good thing. But also a rite of passage, not just for the kids but for everybody else.

I had no idea it could happen as early as 10. (And perhaps I'm late to the party at that.)

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