Sunday, November 8, 2009

Together Again -- Who Wrote the Bible?

So... I'm Back! It's been a whole month since my last post, and really longer still since anything regular. And I can't really guarantee this will be much more regular, either. I really want to share things from China, and Halloween, too, but I have a lot on my plate right now. Hopefully soon.

But something happened yesterday, and it's been driving me batty, so I decided I better write about it. I was at a movie screening for a new film called "Oh My God". "OMG" is a documentary of a semi-agnostic filmmaker wandering the world asking people "What is God" and the answers he got. The film is in some ways very provocative; one way or another it asks all the big questions, from what is God to why do religious people kill so many people to why does God allow horrors like war and sick kids. It offers no answers of its own, either, but rather allows other people to talk about how they see things.

And afterwards I was on a panel to talk about the film. And someone asked the filmmaker, in your travels did you discover who wrote the Bible? Because I've always wondered that.

In the conversation that followed this is how I felt:

Yes, I felt like a crazy bearded muppet.  It's not the first time.  Grade school hero:

Come on, he could fly and had a cool helmet.  Plus -- he's cute, too.

What drove me crazy in a sense was the question.  Dozens of books, written over centuries, but we're looking for "the" author... trust me, I've ridden that merry-go-round, and it'll only get you dizzy.   The fact that our filmmaker responded by saying that "the Bible" was written hundreds of years after Jesus was also somewhat less than pleasing...

So, inspired by that question of the pretty lady in the fifth row with the big smile, here are my answers to, Who Wrote the Bible?

1)  God (sort of but also not really).
2)  That guy Vern who lives down the street (and a hundred others like him).
3) (see, it's even still available)!

And if that piques your interest, come back tomorrow and I'll tell you more.

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KenerationX said...

Welcome back, Jim. Thanks for the Super-Grover.
Don't forget the gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal (a book I'm reading right now, also called "Lamb").