Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liturgy, Day 1: Surprise

So, during Advent I've decided to try and write a short reflection each day, starting today. Hi. My focus each day is going to be on a different part of the Mass, starting with... Getting in the door.

I was thinking about all the things that keep me away from Mass. I'm very busy. It doesn't fit in my schedule. I'm going to be bored, or distracted. I can't stand the priest. Fill in the blank. And there's some merit in those answers.

But then there's David Hume, philosopher (left, wearing just a little something he threw on.) David Hume was famous for saying, just because gravity works the way it does today, and has done so every other day, doesn't mean it has to, tomorrow.

And his peeps were like, boo, you trippin. But the man has a point. Not that this Mass will kick butt when every other has sucked rocks. We're not that naive. But that there might be something there for me. God is alive and active in "broken vessels"; I know it's true - I saw it on a macrame wall hanging in the 1970s!

My life -- how much of it has gone as planned? Well, let me see -- I'm not Spider-Man (dammit). I'm a Catholic priest. I spent three years working on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I lived in Australia. I'm applying to film school. Yeah, pretty much nothing has gone as planned. My most important relationships, from high school to today, all surprises. If I had steered clear, "stayed on target," I'd have missed out on everything.

One of the weird things about New York: you're walking down one of the main avenues, and it seems like just a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then, walk just two avenues over, and you can find yourself in the middle of a huge parade, a million people lining the streets. No joke.

What if somewhere in all the blase and the dreariness, God is waiting?

Jeez, I hope he's not holding a battleaxe.
(I googled images of God -- this is what I got. Nice, google. Really nice.)

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