Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eucharistic Prayer as Poetry, Friday TwoFer

For Friday, two options to choose from. Here's the end of Eucharistic Prayer II:
Remember our brothers and sisters
who have gone to their rest
in the hope of rising again;
bring them and all the departed
into the light of your presence.
Have mercy on us all;
make us worthy to share eternal life
with Mary, the Virgin Mother of God,
with the apostles, and with all the saints
who have done your will throughout the ages.
May we praise you in union with them,
and give you glory
through your Son, Jesus Christ.

And here's a lovely version of this section used in Masses of the dead from Eucharistic Prayer III:
Remember ____.
In baptism, he/she died with Christ:
may he/she also share his resurrection,
when Christ will raise our mortal bodies
and make them like his own in glory.

Welcome into your kingdom our departed brothers and sisters,
and all who have left this world in your friendship.
There we hope to share in your glory
when every tear will be wiped away.
On that day we shall see you, our God, as you are.

We shall become like you
and praise you for ever through Christ our Lord,
from whom all good things come.
Isn't that nice?

Over the weekend I'm going to post a couple parts of Eucharistic Prayer III that I skipped. And as we go forward, I'll try to insert little bits from other Eucharistic prayers at the bottom of posts. Hope it's been rewarding to sit and pray with them a little bit.

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