Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen! Alleluia! Sorry I've been away the last couple weeks; I hope the Triduum and the beginning of the Easter season have been a blessing for you all.

I remember one of my teachers telling us that the biggest trouble with the season of Easter is that it follows Lent. You know, Lent finds all us really focused and committed, furrowed brow and paying attention in a different way. And then when we get to Easter, and we're spiritually sort of spent. Like we just did a marathon.

But Easter isn't the finish line; it's not just a weekend, it's a 7 week season of its own. And it's a really important season, the season in which the people of God sent forth to be like Jesus for the world. Normally the second reading at Mass is from the Old Testament; but in the Easter season, we hear instead from Acts. It's filled with stories of the disciples going out there and healing people and evangelizing. Think of Jesus as a seed; Acts is the first fruit that is born.

For parishes, this is a great season for beginning new ministries, or for inviting people to join ministries in the Church. For each of us, it's a time to jump in and give in new ways in your community. Perhaps you've heard the phrase "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." Or the idea of consciously doing one good thing for someone every day. Well, this is the time in the Church where we try to return to that.

If you're tired after Easter, take yourself a little rest. And let God show you where you might be of use in the weeks and months to come.

Back to the fraction rite tomorrow. (We're almost done!)


Todd said...

Is saying the Rosary Prayer important to you? If so, please take part in this anonymous online research study to provide more understanding about the place of the Rosary Prayer in Catholics' lives. This doctoral research is intended to provide information that can help mental health professionals to better serve their Catholic clients. Thank you for your help.

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Thanks, Todd. Readers, take note!

Jim McDermott, SJ said...
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