Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kneel On

Crazy week this week, so a little hit and miss writing-wise. Sorry about that.

A short thought for today: Tuesday I wrote about how, if you normally kneel after communion, you might try sitting. And then I thought -- well, Father, why not suggest the opposite, as well? If you're a sitter (as I am), maybe try kneeling after communion, see what perspective or graces it might offer. The posture of adoration, of humility -- what might that lend some of us?

It's a good reminder to me that while all of us in different ways we seek uniformity in the liturgy, diversity provides unique opportunities, as well.


Michelle said...

I'd add sit on in a totally different spot in the church. For 20 years I've been sitting on the same "side" for morning prayer -- and when we rebalanced this spring I switched.

Whole new view!

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Very interesting. I love that. Thanks for that, Michelle.

KenAnselment said...

Someday, somewhere we'll have a church with liturgical yoga. I think there'd be more than a handful of folks who would love to do pose of a child after Communion. (You may think I'm kidding...)