Monday, June 7, 2010

The Preface, Part 1: Future Tense

Hello from our silent retreat! Not much time to keep up this week, but thought I'll just post the preface (old and new), and then in the next few days post some comments on these changes, as well. And the rest next week.

For today, here's the new translation of the preface to Eucharistic Prayer II:
It is truly right and just,
our duty and salvation,
always and everywhere to give you thanks, Father most holy,
through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ,
your Word through whom you made all things,
whom you sent as our Savior and Redeemer,
incarnate by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin.
Fulfilling your will and gaining for you a holy people,
he stretched out his hands as he endured his Passion,
so as to break the bonds of death and manifest the resurrection.
And so,
with the Angels and all the Saints we proclaim your glory,
as with one voice we sing (say):
And here's the translation we currently use:
Father, it is our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere,
to give You thanks through Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

He is the Word through whom You made the universe,
the Saviour You sent to redeem us.
By the power of the Holy Spirit
He took flesh and was born of the Virign Mary.
For our sake He opened his arms on the cross;
He put an end to death and revealed the resurrection.
In this He fulfilled Your will and won for You a holy people.

And so we join the angels and the saints
in proclaiming Your glory as we say:

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