Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bill Cosby with a PhD in philosophy (and a Dirty Mind)

This is episode 10 of comedian Louis C.K.'s new FX-show, Louie.  I had never seen the show before this episode, but I heard a number of people talking about this particular episode, especially the guys at Pop Culture Brain, and I thought I'd give it a shot.

The episode is called "God", and it's basically a series of riffs on religion -- a very very funny take on Abraham and Isaac, a very unusual sexual take on faith,  and an extended piece on the crucifixion, the whole idea of Jesus dying "for our sins", and whether or not God actually exists.  

I think some Christians will find different parts offensive -- and watch out, because just when you think you see where he's going with the crucifixion piece, he turns it completely upside down on you. And then does it again.  It's definitely original and also pretty darn thought provoking.  

Personally, I think the Catholic Church has a lot of work to do on explaining what the heck we can possibly mean by Jesus died "for our sins".  It's a very difficult and in some ways troublesome concept.  It's great to see a comedian take it on.   And the God as drunk dialing friend of Abraham is equally funny as well as provocative.  

Louis C.K.: Bill Cosby with a PhD in philosophy (and a dirty mind).  Check it out.  


kmbrco said...

My heart broke for Louis, the young boy, so full of guilt and sorry, trying to rescue Jesus from the cross.

I remember those kinds of lectures when I was young and in catechism.
I was terrified. It removed any kind of comfort that I may have felt coming from God.

I think Louis captured it very well. Nothing wrong with taking a different perspective. Provocative, indeed.

Have you ever seen the English film "Second Coming" (2003) starring Christopher Eccleston. I was it several years ago on BBCA, and recently rented it on DVD through Netflix. It struck me as just as interesting the second time around (no pun intended).

Back to Louis...I love what his mother tells him...that his being kind, being a decent person, is on him. Not up to anyone else. It's up to him. Not because of the threat of a higher power. But because a person chooses to be a good person.

Thanks for sharing this. I may actually tune in to Louis CK more often.

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Haven't seen Second Coming, but I love Christopher Eccleston. I'll put it on the list!

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