Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Film Fun

Did anyone watch Modern Family last night?  That last image of Luke with the bottle --  so cool. 

 If you don't know this show, start watching it right now. Seriously Half hour comedy on ABC Wednesday nights about an extended suburban LA family -- a late 50 something divorced man who is remarried to a beautiful Latina woman with a young son; the man's gay son, his partner and their adopted Korean baby; and the man's daughter and her husband and three kids.  22 minutes, and every episode a great glimpse of all the craziness and wonder of our own lives.  Really fantastic.  

Here's a link for this week's episode.  

Also, I don't know if you're a "Gleek" (i.e. fan of Glee), but their second season on FOX began on Tuesday, and it's a great place to jump in.  Lays out all the issues and characters nicely, and has some very fun musical moments.  Here's the link.  

And lastly, for something shorter: I discovered this mockumentary of an Australian who decides to snorkel around Australia.  It's 7 minutes long, and absolutely hysterical.  A good break on a Friday...

Have a great weekend.

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M Russell said...

Yes, there were some good/funny parts, like: "Don't apologize! I love you when you're human." But on the whole I have to say thanks so much for reminding me why I gave up watching TV 7 years ago!! :-)