Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Line

Last year Sherie Rene Scott, Broadway goddess, put together "Everyday Rapture," a musical based on her life. Scott grew up a Mennonite, then came to New York in the year her faith tradition allows for members to leave the community, see the world and decide for themselves whether to return to the group or leave forever.

It's an interesting story, and Scott used a lot of music written by other folks to tell it.  Among them a great great rendition of Henry Nilsson's "Life Line."

"Life Line" is a great song for the darkest days of Advent.  I really want you to have the chance to hear for yourself. I spent about an hour searching for an easy way for you to get to it; it's actually really not that available online, which is really unusual these days.  But if you click on the link below, you should be able to hear it, though the sound quality isn't perfect.

And if that doesn't work -- well, it can also be found on iTunes and Amazon.  But hopefully it won't come to that.

If you're knowing darkness these days, this is the song for you. A great hymn of yearning.

The final days of Advent!  May they be a time of blessing for you!

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