Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dean Anselment, Dr. Ecklund, Well Done

Within 45 minutes of each other today, two different college friends called with incredible news.  My friend Ken Anselment, a long time member of the Marquette University and then Lawrence University Admissions staffs -- and also great funny man and frequent poster in the comments on this blog -- has just been named the Dean of Admissions at Lawrence U.

Here's a favorite short of Ken highlighting his wit.

And our mutual friend Joe Ecklund, who is in charge of student success at Creighton University (a job title that I endlessly harass him about), has as of today successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, and will undoubtedly insist that we all call him Doctor.

Dr. Joseph D. Ecklund, PhD

If you have kids or grandkids or nephews or nieces nearing college age, let me just say, you're not going to meet two guys more interested in helping them than these two.  I've listened to Ken talk many times about the admissions process, and more than anything what I've gained from those conversations is just how much he wants to love every applicant that walks in the door, and their family.  When looking for someone to take your child's application seriously, you could not do better.

And Joe's about as humble and just plain good as they come.  The kind of guy whose door is always open to students.

So, trust me, check out Creighton and Lawrence. There's a new doctor and a new dean in town, and those schools are in very good hands.

Congratulations, guys. I'm so dang proud of you!


KenAnselment said...

I'm floored by this, Seamus. Thank you. (Though people might think I'm a bit creepy by how much I want to love everyone who walks through the door.)

Jen Pontow said...

That video is a riot! Congrats to Ken and Joe!

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

It is a little creepy, Ken, but in all the right ways. Awww yeahh!

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