Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Have You Done to My Blog Page?

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Gone Walkabout blog page! For some time now I've been noticing that the words on the page look awfully small and squished together, and I've been wondering whether it might be nice to switch off from the straight black page, too.  So, I'm mixing things up a bit.

Everything's pretty much in the same place you've seen it before.  But the column is a lot more spread out, which hopefully makes it more readable.

I've also added some fun bells and whistles -- a weekly poll to be found on the top right; little boxes at the bottom of each entry that allow you to describe your reaction to the day's column in a word; and a couple lists on the right hand side -- one of books that I highly recommend, one of books that I'm looking to read right now, and one of TV shows and movies that I highly recommend.

I'm also sprucing up by recommended blogs, so check out the newbies. (There's even one, Vyou, where you can ask me a question and get a video response. Wow!)

I'll have my usual Monday post here on Tuesday. Enjoy the site! (And if you don't, I hope you'll leave a comment!)


Michelle said...

I have to admit I find it hard to read text on a black background, so I'm all for the new lighter version.

But you didn't have a response that matched my perspective on the 14th...the day before a big grant application is due. I've been so focused on that I'd entirely forgotten what Monday was -- much to the amusement of my wonderful spouse of 18 years. I think that would fall under "Other: best left unspecified."

Jim McDermott, SJ said...

Ha! Love it. And they say it's the men who forget the special occasions! :)

Good luck with your proposal. And thanks for the comment. I was a little nervous to change the page, but I'm kind of liking it with a white background, too.

All the best.

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