Monday, March 7, 2011

Pedro Arrupe

So, I don't know how much you know about Jesuit history, but in 1965 we elected a man named Pedro Arrupe to be our Superior General.  He served for 18 years, until 1983, and in that time helped the world Society to reimagine itself for the modern world. Terms like "faith and justice", "a preferential option for the poor", "men and women for others" that are almost cliche at this point, they're so well known, emerged from Arrupe and the Society in this period.

Arrupe died 20 years ago this year.  As part of that memorial, I've put up a set of 17 videos clips I did with Fr. Vinny O'Keefe, S.J. about Pedro. Vinny was one of Pedro's general assistants his entire tenure as General.  Vinny was the only one, in fact, who started with Pedro and ended with him, and he saw an awful lot in that time.

I am going to get back to Matthew -- I promise! -- but I'm jammed up this week with final papers.  So in lieu of that, I just thought I'd let you know about these little videos, all of which can be found on this page.
They're a real treasure.  And if you didn't know Arrupe before, once you've looked at a couple you'll have another saint to pray for your needs and intentions.

Have a nice week! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video links. I would like to share a couple myself of a young girl from the Pittsburgh Diocese singing Ave Maria and Pie Jesu

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim! "Jesús Is My Name" here (from VYou).
Just wanted to say hi! and see if you were okay. Youve been gone from VYou for a while. I know youre busy (with college classes) and your work, of course. Hope you come back to VYou.
I enjoyed your blog on priests on TV and film. I'll push this again Jim... "Joan of Arcadia" did a decent job of portraying a couple of priests. Anyway, God bless!

Jim McDermott, S.J. said...

I'll definitely be back to Vyou! Thanks for the post. I've just been in finals. Crunched!