Thursday, June 23, 2011

See You Real Soon (Again)

I'm off this weekend to begin my 8 day silent retreat; I'll be back after the 4th with God knows what to share.

But before I go, I heard a great parish story tonight, which supposedly is true.

A guy's sitting next to another guy at a Mass.  During the homily, the second guy falls asleep -- and the presider sees!

So the presider stops and tells the first guy, hey, wake him up!

And the guy responds -- You put him to sleep. You wake him up.

It's probably apocryphal, but boy, doesn't it just seem right?

Have a great week.

Advice from my spiritual director on retreat. 


M Russell said...

I dream of taking a silent retreat! You will be in my prayers throughout the week. May you come even closer to God in the silence of your heart.

Michelle said...

This was too funny! I'm off on retreat, too, 8 days of silence at the local Jesuit retreat house. May grace abound on your retreat....

rustyrusticator said...

Best I can do this summer is a long weekend at the Trappist monastery's retreat house on my own with my assignments for about half a week of the Exercises, in obedience to my spiritual director who told me I really need to get away, unplug, and focus on the love God has for me. I hope your retreat is full of grace and profit for you.

Anonymous said...

... don't suppose you're allowed a laptop and the internet at this silent retreat, are you? Hey Jim, its that guy that used to ask you a million questions on VYou.
"tabasamu". Now I'm "HeyZeus". Yeah I went back... Darn this internet! I was dying to know if you had seen the Vlogbrothers last three Youtube videos on God and religion. I dont think you are a Nerdfighter though. In any case, I hope your retreat was awesome. Peace!
- Jesús