Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Helplessness of the Poor

I was reading through some emails the other day and came across an article by Fr. Phil Crotty, SJ, an Australian Jesuit running their foundation for foreign mission, and a long time missionary in India himself.

In his article, he writes about his own witness of the unique "helplessness of the poor":
Just after I was appointed parish priest of Mahuadanr, a village in a remote corner of India, a group of parishioners came to me at night and asked me to bury two small children who had been killed by an artillery shell they found lying near their village. They picked it up and it exploded. I was appalled at the sight of the mangled bodies that the parents had carried down from their village near which the army had been practising artillery fire. 'Have you informed the police?' I asked. The families looked frightened and explained that they didn't want to get into trouble with either the army or the police. All they wanted to do was bury their children in peace. It was my first lesson in the helplessness of the poor.
It's a really striking article. The rest can be found here.

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