Friday, January 6, 2012

12 DOC, Day 11: Funny Tweeters

People use twitter in a lot of different ways -- for up to the second info, sneak peeks into the lives of their favorite celebrities, to watch people completely melt down.

Personally, I look to twitter for humor. Talk to me about what's going on right now, or about your life, or something else goofy, and make me laugh.

On this penultimate day of Christmas, I offer you a couple of my favorite tweeters, with a sample of their wares.

Darth Vader (@depresseddarth): "You know you have a bad relationship with your son when you ask him to rule the galaxy with you and he jumps off a cliff instead."

Gavin Speiller (@gavinspeiller): "I'm at my local pizza parlor so often that I feel like the old 1990's Chicago Bulls entrance music should play every time I walk in."

Kelly Oxford (@kellyoxford): "While someone is speaking to me, 80% of my inner dialogue is just wondering if my face looks interested." (So true.)

Mike Leffingwell (@mikeleffingwell): "One way to tell the difference between seals and sea lions is that sea lions have protruding ears and seals are delicious."

Will Hines (@willhines): "It turns out the 'help' button in the elevator is only for elevator-related help."

The Dark Lord (@lord_voldemort7): "They are making a Twilight MUSICAL.  If the world doesn't end in 2012 on its own I am going to have to do it myself."
    (also: "'Could this day get any worse?'  Yes. Challenge accepted.")

Runner Up: Paula Poundstone (@paulapoundstone): "UPS just announced they're changing their name to 'SUP?' to appeal to the younger shipping market."

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