Monday, January 2, 2012

12 DOC, Day 7: A Poem


Nobody in the hospital
Could tell the age
Of the old woman who
Was Called Susanna

I knew she spoke some English
And that she was an immigrant
Out of a little country 
Trampled by armies

Because she had no visitors
I would stop by to see her 
But she was always sleeping

All I could do 
Was to get out her comb
And carefully untangle
The tangles in her hair

One day I was beside her
When she woke up
Opening small dark eyes
Of a surprising clearness

She looked at me and said
You want to know the truth?
I answered Yes.

She said it's something that
My mother told me

There's not a single inch
Of our whole body
That the Lord does not love

She then went back to sleep.

Anne Porter