Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Jesuit Post

A bunch of young Jesuits have gotten together to create a new blog, "The Jesuit Post".  You can find articles about spirituality, literature, music, pop culture -- there's even a video about Tim Tebow (by Jim Martin!).

Here's a link to the site. And here's a link to a great little article about someone's cell phone going off during a symphony, which has a title I wish I had thought of! "Seventy Times Seven Watch".

Editor-in-Chief Paddy Gilger writes "this site is about Jesus, politics, and pop culture, it's about the Catholic Church, sports, and Socrates. It's about making the case for God (better: letting God make the case for himself) in our secular age."  Give it a look. 


Joe Pots said...

I am a Catholic Youth Music artist responding to that "Why I hate religion but love Jesus video" by releasing my debut album in a couple days. Its not what you may think so please give it 1 listen. or God Bless You

Jim McDermott, S.J. said...

Good luck, Joe!