Friday, March 9, 2012

Finding God On Pinterest, Part 2: Beauty

On Wednesday I posted about trying to find images of God on Pinterest.  I started my search with the obvious: "God." And I found a lot of quotes, and not a lot else.

So then I thought, let's try a different way in.  I searched under "Beauty."

What would you think I got? Sunsets, flowers, gorgeous portraits? Art?

No. This is what I found:
Super Models.

Celebrity Hair. 

Non-Celebrity Hair. 

More celebrity hair. (Seriously, they might as well rename my search "Hair".)

A few pretty outfits. 

And, biggest surprise: 

Nail designs. Really. And not just one.  A bunch of nail designs.

Okay, if Beauty=Personal Beauty, what about "Beautiful"? 

And right away, there's this: 

I wouldn't call a shrub beautiful, exactly, but I like the color, I like where we're headed. 

There's cool sky shots: 

Which may or may not be real.  Or it might be Superman and the Super Friends flying by. 

There's this baby. 

She's cute. 

But most of it is still this.  

(Stop waiting, he's not coming.)

And this. 

Put some pants on, dear, you'll feel less cold.

And a number of pictures of Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks:

She is definitely beautiful, but she is not God. 


She is really really beautiful. 


Where was I now? Oh, right, "beautiful" didn't work out so well, either.  Much more varied. And the baby, she might get close to what I'm looking for. 

So totally off in slumber land. Yeah, if you wanted to add to your list of the face of God, I could see it.

But the rest, not so much.

Maybe I needed to be more religiously specific. Probably not, it can get a little preachy out there, but it was worth a look.

Next week: Faith, Hope, Charity, and Jesus.


Carol said...

LOL @ "put some pants on..."

Beauty goes skin deep, but stupid goes clear to the bone! And I'll never figure out for the life of me why these botoxed ladies think that an angry scowl is "beautiful." Last time I had an expression like that on my face, I had just pulled over on the expressway with a flat tire and no jack with which to put on the spare! To make matters worse, the cell phone was dead. I think such situations are worthy of a scowl, and it surprises me that scowls sell clothes.

Sometimes I can just picture God scratching His head wondering why some humans consider such images "beautiful."

Jim McDermott, S.J. said...

Ha! Love the story. And the question!