Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding God on Pinterest, Part 3: Jesus, Faith, Hope, Love

So, last week on FGoP... I went looking for images of God on Pinterest.  I looked under a couple obvious categories -- "God"and "beauty". And I found a lot of preachy quotes and celebrities.

Some will wonder, why didn't you start with Jesus?  Well, here's why -- because images of Jesus are so incredibly romanticized.  It's either Jesus of Arabia:

I'm sorry, but pap: 

Or it's sexy handsome Jesus -- which in this case looks a little like David Copperfield. 

I would not want to get coffee with this guy.

Honestly -- and this should come as no surprise to anyone who's been reading this blog for a while -- I prefer this:

Jesus, taking a picture of the apparition of the Sacred Heart on his iPhone.  Classic.

So, then I look to the cardinal virtues.   And again, it's some pretty weak sauce. 

Faith leads to quotes:

Nice, but preachy.  Also, what does it mean?  Because it sort of sounds like it's saying that God is a puppet master who calls the shots, and we don't believe that. 

Great quote, I love it.  But it's not an image.


"Hope", oddly, leads to quite a few images that suggest despair...

The Scarily Trapped Person

The Wrist Cutter...

(Truth in advertising, there was also this:

Not exactly an image of God, but not bad.)

Lastly, here's Love:

The Real Caption: "I love this dining set."
Caption: "Love this!"

Caption:"I love this player!"

So basically, part shopping list/registry and part celebrity worship. 

Now, my whole search sort of begs the question, what constitutes an image of God, doesn't it? I mean, that kid with the bubble, or some of those quotes -- some pretty solid stuff, things a whole lot of smart people might choose.  

For me, it's about a doorway.  Some pictures, like some books, open up a world to us.  In this case, they reveal a little piece of who God is and what he thinks of us.  

Pictures that are too perfect, too romantic, too staged don't satisfy this criteria.  They may be pretty, but on some level you know they're fake.  Similarly, pictures that are too pious or on the nose put us (or at least me) off because they've shut out reality.  Jesus can be a handsome guy, but he still has to be a guy, with a broad palette of human feelings and reactions.  He shouldn't be constrained.

So what I'm looking for is a glimpse -- pictures that open that door into the heart of God just a little.

My search continued to "poverty".  It's a leap! I'll explain how I got there next time. 

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