Monday, July 9, 2012

You Think Getting Hit with Bird Poop Is Bad...

So today I got hit in the eye by a pigeon.

Yes, you read that right. It's my first real day in Melbourne, and I was on a day long amble, soaking in all the little sights and sounds of this city I dearly love.  I spent a wonderful morning in Fitzroy Gardens, not far from the parish where I'm staying, sitting on a bench that had this placard: "Sit quietly. For in quiet we grow."

I wandered through Collins St., part of the Central Business Area and for some reason that I can't explain one of my favorite places in the universe. There are these trees there, a peely sort of tree but not a eucalyptus that just looks lovely in the winter, naked and seemingly dead.

And as I walked, devouring every sense particle that I could, a flying pigeon hit me in the face.

What, the whole freaking sky isn't a big enough lane for you? Come on!

I could not tell you where it came from.  Above, that's for certain, but beyond that, there was just a glimpse, then a smack.  And then it was gone, and me standing there, rubbing my eye and vacantly  worrying about whether I had just been infected with some sort of pigeon disease until two guys walked by, laughing, and then I realized, it had really happened. I really did just get hit by a pigeon.

At my community this evening someone said, "Ah, it's a perfect image of the Holy Spirit, it comes out of nowhere and BAM!"  There's something to be said for that; definitely a homily in that.

But I must say, in that moment what was more present to me was how much more random everything is than I perceive it to be.  I wasn't hurt, but the (damn) bird did smack right into my eye.  And as ridiculous as that would have been -- priest blinded by pigeon;  story at 11 -- it wouldn't have been any less true for being so.  If you'll forgive a popular turn of phrase, $#!+ really does happen.

This is not news, is it? Not to you, and not to me. Every parent reading is probably thinking, I deal with this 25 times a day, thanks very much.

But it's funny how much we forget as our day to day lives amble on. One wonders if in the end we forget more than we remember, when all is said and done. And there's nothing to be done but keep living the way we do, more or less.  There's nothing worse than someone who spends their lives preparing for the possibility of something awful maybe occurring. (See: The United States from 9/12/2001-11/2008, more or less -- and if you've been in an airport since 2008, perhaps you'd insist (as I would) that these patterns remain very much in effect.)

"No, no, that's not degrading at all.  In fact, I'd love to send a copy home to my kids."

I could try to draw out some moral to this aviary anomaly, but really, I'm not sure that there is one. Life is surprising.  Sometimes there are clear paths. And sometimes there are falling birds.


Michelle said...

Or birds that fly through your car window while driving and drop dead in your 16 yr old's lap?? And he thought he was the only one so blessed (?!)...

Hope the eye is OK!

kmbrco said...

Feathers in the face is a common occurrence in my house. But, then again, I have 9 pet birds. But I have had experiences with outdoor birds, too. Two, in fact, found their way into a previous apartment. One, unfortunately, didn't make it back out, though I tried. The other, made it out, and I was left with a scar on my knee from running into furniture while trying to coax it out. So, I have a mark to commemorate that event.

Bird Removal NJ said...

A bird really flew into your face! What bad luck.