Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Also: Nashville

Tonight is the debut of the new ABC show NASHVILLE, about an older country singer and her up and coming competition.  The trailers have been great.  And what's even greater is that one of the writers is Jason George, who graduated from UCLA a year ago.  Jason is a really good guy and obviously incredibly talented. (Before coming to UCLA he was writing for the New York Times, among other places.)

It's extremely difficult, especially right out of school, to get a job writing on a writing staff -- almost impossible. It's usually 2, 3 years at least, if it happens at all.  So, come, support this great guy on what looks to be a fantastic show.  (It's on at 10pm/9pm central.) Plus, the pilot was written by Callie Khouri, who wrote THELMA & LOUISE.  What's not to like?

Mrs. Coach needs to watch TV tonight.

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