Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And Now For Some Real Mystics

Speaking of Australian blogs (most awkward transition ever), I really want to recommend "The King's Blog".  It's written by Geoff King, SJ, (another one) of the great Australian Jesuits, who has welcomed me into his community twice in the last four years. 

Geoff is one of the smartest people I know, and "grounded smart".  A canon lawyer -- a category of people I must say I was always afraid of growing up in the Society, but am discovering is often a gold mine of wisdom and kindness. In the last few years Geoff has been diagnosed with a form of degenerative muscle disorder that's left him wheelchair bound and in need of help to do some of the basic things of life, and he's taken to writing about it and about his life in general.  I see most recently he wrote some reflections on different parishes he has worked at.  It's lovely, a great glimpse into the meaningful stuff in the life of a priest. Highly recommend it.   

Say some prayers for him and a couple other Australian friends of mine, too, would you -- Adrian Lyons, SJ, and Paula Potter. Adrian and Potter have both been struggling with serious, life-threatening medical issues, and they're just the best people. 

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