Friday, February 15, 2013

Ban the Second Amendment

Families of the Victims from Newtown Gather are Welcomed at a NY Giants Game

America Magazine today proposes the Second Amendment be eliminated so as to allow for the kinds of gun control our country so desperately needs.
In the national imagination, the Constitution is too often thought of as a kind of sacred text. Yet neither our founders nor our forebears held to that view. The Constitution is mere human law. It is excellent law, but it is not divine law; it is not revelation. 
Given the fact that gun sales explode at the slightest mention of gun control, it seems unlikely that this proposal could (safely) go anywhere -- a paradox that seems to prove the point, really.  But it's a position well worth considering. As the editors write, the Bill of Rights was always intended to be a document that could be changed to meet changing circumstances. And what the 2nd Amendment really intends to do -- that is, to ensure the safety of American citizens -- is in the current era accomplished  without the widespread availability of guns.

In fact, it seems more and more the fact that that safety can only be accomplished by stopping guns' widespread availability.



Shelly said...

When I'm feeling better, you and I should have a debate on this topic, since we so obviously disagree! Maybe if you're still in LA when we're down that way in a few months we could debate over a cup of coffee or dinner with the rest of my clan :-).

Jim McDermott, S.J. said...

I'm always a little fearful of debating on this topic. It's hard for me to appreciate another point of view. :) But it'd be great to meet you for coffee sometime! Let me know when you're in town.

Shelly said...

Fair enough - I grew up with guns, and without them there were years we might not have had any,or much, meat...and being from the South I just look at those things a little differently.

Once our plans are made I'll let you know. Thanks, take care.