Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pope's Final Words to Cardinals: Please Watch "Say Anything"

So the seat of the Papacy is vacant. And I would predict today we'll hear word of when the Conclave will start. Don't be surprised if it's almost immediately -- with the Pope out of office and all the Cardinals in Rome, there's really no need to wait.

Even so, I hope they take their time. It's an interesting and rare moment in the Church, this time between leaders and, it affords us an opportunity to take stock, to breathe and wait for light.

The Kung article I posted is certainly thorough in its evaluation of the issues the Church faces today. And I'd be shocked if the Cardinals don't elect a good administrator, someone who understands the Curia and can use it well. But there's more to what's needed than that. And why not take the time to actually appreciate the job and the needs of the Church right now.

Let's all catch our breath.

"You must chill.  Chill."


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