Friday, March 22, 2013

Pope Francis, the New Ashton Kutcher?

So I'm keeping up with news of Francis. And I'm trying not to get swept away by the whole "new pope" thing, let the man be a man rather than make him into some kind of saint.

But the thing is, I keep finding stories that are blowing my mind.

For instance, did you know the Pope has yet to move into the papal palace, or headquarters, or Wayne Manor, or whatever they call it. 

The reason -- it's being redecorated.  

Which sounds like your normal high class popin', until you find out, Pope Francis wasn't waiting for  new wallpaper (Benedict, so dirty) or his new, sweet Louis XVI dresser (did Louis XVI do dressers?). No, he's finding the apartment way too big for one person, and so he's having them simplified. 

Ka-Boom. Mind blown. 

When he was given a tour of the 10 room apartment, he apparently said, "300 people could live here."   How do you not love that? 

Here's another: a week from yesterday is Holy Thursday. The Pope of course presides at Masses during Holy Week in some of the basilicas of Rome.  But this guy, is he doing Mass on Thursday night at a basilica? No. He's going to a juvenile detention facility in Rome to wash the feet of some of the kids who are in prison there. 

 I know! My head is spinning, too!

(And also, I may need a kleenex, because the more I think about it, the more I am moved by that.  And really, where else should the Pope be on such an occasion?)

There's been so many of these sorts of gestures with Pope Francis, all great stuff and all so radically different not just from Benedict but from the way any one has tried to do that job for hundreds of years (maybe thousands), that I can't help but think we're being punk'd. At any moment, I expect the Pope to rip off his face, Mission Impossible-style (which based on this would actually be really freaky and probably scare children and old ladies and God I hope he doesn't do it) to reveal that we are dealing with none other than Ashton Kutcher:

Most people, when they get excited, they talk with their hands.  
But for Ashton, it was always about the legs. 

In fact, based on this shared, punk'd-like "wow" we're all having right now, I'm going to recommend a new term for the cultural zeitgeist: Any time the new pope does something that makes you or someone else have that sense of wonderment and blessed relief, you say: "My friend, you just got Pop'd!" 

(You know you love it.)

Bottom line, these are interesting days not just for Catholics but for anyone.  And personally, I can't wait to get Pop'd again. 


Agustin A. said...

There are some great anecdotes regarding him. Did you know that he called his paperboy a couple days ago, here in Argentina, who insulted him, thinking it was a prank? He called the man to let him know he wouldn´t be needing the paper any longer since he had moved to Rome. Love this man.

Bryan Boyle said...

As always, over the years, Father, I've been amazed, on dispersed times, at the wisdom of your words...and these are just a pertinent. They say, if you want to see God laugh, make plans. Certainly, the world and the yapping heads had their own agenda. The Holy Spirit had his. Deo gratias.

And it's good to see you blogging, such as it is.

One of your former students in the Bronx...